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 Year 2 - Times Tables Mastery Program

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   Year 2 - times tables mastery program - pupils begin their journey towards mastering their 12 times tables by learning their 2, 5, and 10 times tables in line with the national curriculum and the government's new, mandatory, 'Multiplication Tables Checks' (MTC).

"About the MTC

  The MTC is a key stage 2 (ks2) assessment to be taken by pupils at the end of year 4.

  The MTC is focused on the fluent recall of multiplication facts. This is included in the national curriculum (2014) ststutory programme of study for mathematics at ket stage 1 (ks1) and ks2.

  The MTC will be delivered as an online, on-screen digital assessment. Under standard administration, the check will take each pupil less than 5 minutes to complete. It will be automatically scored, and the results will be available to schools once the assessment window closes."

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   Our Year 2, times tables, workbook contains 36 weekly worksheets/tests which are designed in conjunction with our Free online resources for practising. This will promote rapid recall and mastery of the 12 times tables multiplication and division facts , exceeding the governments current proposal for MTC's.

   Each week pupils carry out online practise, followed by a timed written test which is then recorded on the progress tracker at the back of the workbook. Pupils often make more progress when they are part of the progress tracking, taking ownership of their current learning and creating awareness of their next steps towards times tables mastery.

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Authors - Tony Watson (BSc Open), Deborah A. Watson (BSc Psych, PgCe, PgCMaST))
Publisher - self published
Size - A4
Binding - comb
Copyright - 2019 (All rights reserved)


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